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Worlds Greatest Single Turboprop

The Pilatus PC12 NGX is the clear sales leader among business aircraft. So far, over 200 units have been produced and have flown over 7 million hours. The long waiting time for a new plane means that they practically do not lose their value. Pilatus PC12 NGX is the most universal aircraft on the market. It can take up to 10 people on board, take off from a small, grassy airport and fly a distance of over 3,000 kilometers. It is also very economical in operation and maintenance thanks to the extended engine life of up to 5,000 hours.

Technical data


Seats: 2/1 pilot + 8/9 passengers
Engine: P&W PT6E-67XT, 1200hp

Starting distance: 758 m

Landing distance: 661 m

External dimensions :

Span: 16.28 m

Length: 14.40 m

Height: 4.26 m




537 km/h

3339 km

9144 m

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