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Socata TBM 910
World's Fastest Single Engine Aircraft


Daher TBM 9-series

Daher TBM 9 series is the fastest single-engine airplane available on the market. With a top speed of over 600 km/h, it approaches the level of light jets being from them much more economical. The unquestionable advantage of TBM 9 series is also the ability to operate from short and unpaved runways, which is a feature unattainable among jet's    


Number of seats: 1 pilot + 5 passengers

Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6

TBM940: P&W PT6A-66D,  850hp, TBO: 3600hrs

TBM960: P&W PT6E-66XT, 850hp, TBO: 5000hrs

Cruising speed: 330 ktas / 611 km/h

Max range speed: 252 ktas / 467 km/h

Maximum flight level: 31,000 ft / 9.449 m

Take-off distance: 2,380 ft / 726 m

Landing distance: 2,430 ft / 741 m

Maximum range: 3.204 km

Maximum take-off weight: 3,354 kg

Maximum lifting capacity: 636 kg

External Dimensions:  

Span: 12.38 m

Length: 10.74 m

Height: 4.35 m

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The spacious cabin, finished with the highest quality materials, ensures comfortable travel even on long routes, and large windows provide unforgettable views during the flight.

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