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Worlds Greatest Single Piston Aircraft

Cirrus SR22 G6 is the absolute sales leader in the class of single engine piston aircraft. Comfortable and ergonomic cabin and high cruising speed make it an ideal solution for short and medium distances. The modern and economical engine enables flights at altitudes over unfavorable weather and the advanced Garmin Perspective avionics with an autopilot allows you to perform even the most complex instrument approaches in low visibility conditions. An additional, unique solution is the parachute system for the entire plane, which can be activated even by a passenger in an emergency.


Number of seats: 1 pilot + 3 passengers

Engine: Continental IO-550-N, 310hp

Cruising speed: 183 ktas / 339 km/h

Maximum flight level: 17 500 ft / 5334 m

Take-off distance: 330 m

Landing distance: 359 m

Maximum range: 2165 km

Maximum take-off weight: 1633 kg

Maximum lifting capacity: 605 kg

External Dimensions:  

Span: 11.68 m

Length: 7.92 m

Height: 2.70 m

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The stunning interior of the Cirrus aircraft seamlessly integrates luxury, style, technology, safety and comfort. It evokes the feeling of being surrounded by comfort in a carefully crafted luxury car. The whole  is completed by a spacious, air-conditioned cabin and comfortable seats. Traveling in such a luxurious environment is a pleasure in itself.


Cirrus Perspective + TM from Garmin®


It integrates all information about the condition and state of the aircraft's systems with external data, presenting it in a pilot-friendly way, thus improving to the maximum his situational awareness. Large, color displays visually show all information that allows the pilot to monitor the plane in real time, which allows him to quickly identify potential faults and threats. Engine operating parameters, real-time weather, traffic information and other aviation information - all at the pilot's fingertips. The result: the most responsive, intuitive and safest flight management system in the small business aircraft segment.

Cirrus SR22 G6 has a unique parachute system for the whole aircraft, which can to be  even activated by a passenger in an emergency . 


Where can you go


Cirrus SR22 G6 range map

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